Welcome to CyberloxShop - The worlds most well loved Cyberlox website!

At Cyberloxshop we design and create stunning custom hand made Cyberlox in a huge range of designs! We are well known for our quality range of Cyberlox, Cyberlox wigs and awesome DIY hair supplies for making your own synthetic dreads/dreadlocks, Cyberlox and more!

We are world renowned for our top of the range Cyberlox, all of which are custom hand made in house at Cyberloxshop. We can make any design you like! Our Cyberlox are perfectly constructed using a range of materials including tubular crin, foamies, rubber mesh, Rexlace, S'Getti, foam tubing and much more! Get in touch about something custom or check out the hundreds of designs we have available from our classic and favourite Web range to something a little more introcate like our Pirate Cyberlox! We are the worlds favourite Cyberlox designers. Come to us if you want something really unique and special from your next set of Cyberlox or you are looking for that perfect Cyberlox wig! We can make it happen for you!
Not only that but we offer an ever expanding range of kanekalon jumbo braid and braiding hair, perfect for making synthetic dreads / dreadlocks, crochet dreads, natural style dreads, braiding, cornrows, loose hair falls and more! Looking for that hard to find colour? It's quite possible you'll find it here! We have over 250 different colours of jumbo braid with more always on the way! If you want to add a little sparkle to your jumbo braid project or your dreads, add some of our Angelina fibre. It'll sparkle like crazy and is also great for general crafting too!
Our selection of tubular crin (aka tubular crinoline) cannot be beaten! We carry tubular crin in 3 great different sizes, (Large,3/4" Mini 3/8" & Skinny 4mm) meaning you get the most amount of choice around! Tubular crin is also popularly used in making fascinators and other craft projects. It's really versatile!
If you're looking for lightweight hair falls, then try our Krinklepuffs hair falls! Super light and so easy to wear, you can add instant volume to your look in minutes and they won't pull on your natural hair! Available in any colour of hair we carry in our Afro kinky / Marley braid section, you can even opt for rainbow Krinklepuffs hair falls if you like! Don't forget to check out our Afro kinky / marley braid section if you're looking for a great selection of braiding hair for your next hair style idea! We have a range of natural and unnatural colours of afro kinky / marley braid loose bulk hair.
Also, you will find everything in our store to accessorize and compliment your cyber gothic wardrobe, from our edgy range of Cyber goggles which are available in a range of colours like black, neon green, neon pink, blue amongst others, to our superb selection of Steampunk goggles available in brass, copper and antique silver! We also carry a selection of top of the range luxury hand customised cyber gothic respirators, many of which are UV reactive.

For those who like to colour their hair, we have a wealth of wicked colours of hair dyes from La Riche Directions and Stargazer - both well known and respected UK brands - aswell as a whole host of UV make up and nail polishes too!  We also carry a huge selection of hair extensions such as coon tails, leopard print, zebra print, stripey, rainbow, transitional, multi coloured and Disney patterned streaks! Our clip in streaks are a simple yet effective way to change your look in seconds, without the need to colour your hair! Or why not add a splash of colour with our hand made human hair clip in fringes available in loads of great colours! Want a custom made clip in fringe? Get in touch for a custom consultation!

For those of you who love to do your own human or synthetic hair extensions, try our hair extensions tools such as our micro rings available in black, blonde and brown and also our hair extensions pliers and hook tool, or our brilliant hair extensions loopy brush! Simply must have items for any discerning hair extensions lover!
If you're looking to make wool dreads, we carry a great selection of merino roving (Merino roving tops 23 micron) in a variety of colours. Merino roving is fabulous for felting too!
We can also create a set of wonderful wool dreads for you in house, all you need to do is select which of the many colours you'd like your wool dreads to be made in!
At Cyberloxshop we are proud to continually bring you the widest possible range of tubular crin, cyberlox, kanekalon jumbo braid and MUCH more. We always have new and exciting products on the way, so we hope you enjoy them! Please browse our website and let us know if you have any questions!