About CyberloxShop

The CyberloxShop team are dedicated to designing, creating and supplying you with the worlds most famous cyberlox and cyberlox wigs as well as all the fantastic range of DIY hair supplies you love and need.

Founded in 2009 in the UK, when finding DIY supplies and high quality cyberlox and hair pieces was frustratingly difficult and with no real reliable source selling such materials and products, the CyberloxShop team opened their online store www.cyberloxshop.co.uk with the sole purpose of bringing a huge and fantastic range of the best possible products to the UK and worldwide market.

The team wanted to offer an exclusive range of hair products with a personal touch, without compromising on quality from the cyberlox themselves in many designs and colours, to the materials used to make them yourself.

And that's exactly what they did!

Unrivalled in it's field, CyberloxShop is now the UK's leading supplier of custom designer cyberlox, cyberlox wigs, scrunchies and is by far the leader in the market for alternative DIY hair supplies. No.1 in Google for numerous products we stock, we continue to be a firm favourite with customers worldwide for our great products, fabulous customer service and fast shipping times.

A website known for providing some of the worlds most famous cyberlox such as our fabulous and ever popular 'Web' range to the 'Mega Mutant' range. We are constantly designing and creating more and more new and innovative hair art for you to wear and enjoy!  Our aim is to offer you the most choice possible when it comes to handmade custom designer cyberlox and all the fantastic materials you need to make your own!

With the worlds largest selection of tubular crin in over 100 colours and 3 different sizes, we are the world leader in supplying this fabulous stretchy material!  We also carry and maintain a wide variety of 100% kanekalon jumbo braid, our own branded speciality goggles as well as a vast variety of hair and make up supplies and we are always adding to our huge range.  We carry UK brands such as La Riche and Stargazer and are constantly broadening our great range. We also carry every single colour of rexlace and s'getti, specially imported from America, to bring you as much choice as possible. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of hair art design to bring you the most possible choice and the best designs out there.

We don't stock anything on our website which we wouldn't use ourselves!

We are staple providers to thousands of dreadmakers and cyberlox creators throughout the world, who can rely on us to provide them with the hair products they need.  Our team are always on hand to offer you great information and advice when you need it, and we welcome enquiries and suggestions via our email address.

CyberloxShop are the UK's no.1 and favourite alternative DIY hair supplies store, and we are here to stay. We know that you want great products, and a reliable service. We have been here to give it to you, since 2009.

Thanks for continuing to stick by us, and keep an eye on us for future products and all the great surprises we have up our sleeves!

The Cyberloxshop Team