Black Cyberlox


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Pink Punk Princess Cyberlox

A clever mix of pinks, purples, grey and black topped off with foam accents covered in random shapes gives you a shockingly cool set of falls! Finished off with rubber mesh accents and hole punched foam to accentuate the patterned look!

Our price: £32.99

PinkWeb Cyberlox

Not just for girls! PinkWeb is made up of fuchsia metallic, black fuchsia stripe and black non-metallic tubular crin, with our unique mix of foam strips, rubber mesh, ribbon and rexlace accents.

Our price: £29.99

PowderBlue Cyberlox

A powder blue set of cyberlox with beautiful rivet hole accent foam strips and bursting with turquoise tubular crin. Mixed with subtle black foam and crin, this is an understated set of cyberlox. Rexlace accents in black and turquoise to match this gorgeous colour way.

Our price: £29.99

Private Cyberlox

Almost a SteamPunkWeb! Filled with brass and golden tones, tubular crin and foam accent mix makes for a truly steampunk set of falls.

Our price: £29.99

Pumpkin Cyberlox

Our Pumpkin cyberlox merge all the brightest neon UV oranges and bold blacks to make an incredibly striking set of falls! Bursting with rich colour and made with a selection of our unique and exclusive orange with black thread tubular crin, you're in for a real treat with these cyberlox! Whether you have a Halloween party coming up, or you're just a big fan of orange, these are definitely the lox for you!

Our price: £29.99

Punk Painted Cyberlox

Paint splatter effect falls mixed with orange non-metallic and UV neon green tubular crin with purple and black too! Vibrant and rich in colour! A super UV reactive set of cyberlox - not for the faint hearted! Rexlace and ribbon accents too!

Our price: £29.99

Purple Atomika Cyberlox

Crin only falls in a dark and mysterious mix of purples, blacks and silvers to give you a shimmering set of cyberlox! With crin falls like these, you won't need anything else!

Our price: £29.99

Purple Frostii Cyberlox

These crin only falls make for a gothic yet striking set of falls. Silvers and purples blended together are truly beautiful.

Our price: £29.99

PurpleWeb Cyberlox

PurpleWeb are a dark and mysterious set of lox. Bursting with purple metallic, black purple stripe and black non-metallic tubular crin, along with our mix of foam strips, rexlace, ribbon and rubber mesh. PurpleWeb are super gothic and not to be missed!

Our price: £29.99

PurpleWeb Cyberlox Wig

Our ever popular web design, now in a purple / black mix cyberlox wig. Featuring all the design elements you know and love, foam accents with rivet hole detail, lots of rexlace and bursting with our tubular crin, it's a staple for any hair wardrobe.

Our price: £79.99

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