Black Cyberlox


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PurpleWeb with Neon Yellow Cyberlox

A twist on the original PurpleWeb design. A flash of UV neon yellow will bring out the insane mix of colours to make a superb set of cyberlox! Featuring a mix of purple metallic, black purple stripe, black netallic and topped of perfectly with neon yellow tubular crin - along with our foam strips & accents - this truly is an eye catching set of cyberlox fit for any deserving clubber!

Our price: £29.99

Red Chevrolox Cyberlox

Our ever popular Chevrelox cyberlox now with a red effect! All the style of the original design, but with red accents on the foam and red tubular crin! Topped off with lots of rexlace, you're good to go!

Our price: £32.99

Red Devil Cyberlox

Feeling naughty? Want to add some red passion to your style? Be a red devil with these luscious cyberlox! Bright reds and bold blacks give you a hot looking set of cyberlox, fit for any clubbing king or queen!  Each exquisite fall is hand made to perfection with our special foam accents, lots of tubular crin and our unique blend of rexlace and ribbon.

Our price: £32.99

Red Predator Cyberlox Wig

A monstrous wig for for the Demon King! Filled with our unique blend of mini and large tubular crin, rexlace, rubber mesh accents and hand sprayed foam strips, this really is a spectacle on the dance floor. This wig is particularly popular for cosplay fans who like to dress as WWE's wrestler "Finn Balor".

Our price: £99.99

Red Racer Cyberlox

A pair of falls with a hot mix of red and black crin and foam, with racer check! Simply stunning! Red and black crin in different styles give a multi textured look!

Our price: £32.99

RedWeb Cyberlox

Made up of a mix of black real red stripe, red non-metallic and black non-metallic tubular crin, along with all the usual accents, RedWeb really is a stunning set of cyberlox - our original Web design!

Our price: £29.99

RedWeb Metallic Cyberlox

Made up of red non-metallic, black metallic and black real red stripe tubular crin, along with all the usual accents RedWeb Metallic gives that extra industrial edge without losing any of its style! Featuring our very own foam strips and rubber mesh, rexlace and ribbon accents too!

Our price: £29.99

RedWeb Metallic Cyberlox Wig

An original Cyberloxshop design - RedWeb - now available as a fantastic wig! All the great RedWeb industrial foam accents with hole detail, along with lashings of rexlace to top off this truly classic design. Long lasting style, hard wearing. Perfect for the hardcore goth!

Our price: £79.99

SilverWeb Cyberlox

Space age and industrial - SilverWeb embody the spirit of an astronaut right here on Earth! Filled with our unique mix of pewter metallic, black silver stripe and black non-metallic, not to mention our blend of rexlace, foam strips, rubber mesh and ribbon accents - SilverWeb take you to another planet!

Our price: £29.99

Snow Tiger Cyberlox

Snow Tiger offer a special blend of gorgeous tiger colours, with a little added snow! Our special rivet hole punched foam accents along with lots of yummy orange, black and white mix tubular crin and topped off with rexlace and ribbon accents, this is one kitty you'll want to get your hands on! A roaringly good set of cyberlox!

Our price: £29.99

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