Black Cyberlox


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Toxica (Terrorcat Version) Cyberlox

This version of Toxica, designed by model Terrorcat, is a stunning set of cyberlox. Blacks and whites, with rubber mesh, rexlace and ribbon. A truly sexy and industrial set of cyberlox!

Our price: £32.99

Twisted Tango Cyberlox

A favourite at CyberloxShop - Twisted Tango brings a lot of colour to your life! A mix of UV orange non-metallic, blacks and whites, topped off with our special foam sticks with black stripes. A must for any bright raver!

Our price: £34.99

Undersea Mutant Cyberlox Wig

This gorgeous cyberlox wig has been made in aqua, purple and blacks and is accented with all the usual foam sticks which are striped to match!  Lashings of rexlace and all your favourite striped tubular crin and black metallics too!

Our price: £79.99

Vampyre Cyberlox

Vampyre are a dark and mysterious set of cyberlox, perfect for the most alluring of wannabe vampires! The black sections of the foam resembles bat wings and the purple foam sections are studded with star shaped holes.

A gorgeously gothic black and purple colourway made up of black-purple stripe, black metallic, black non metallic with pink purple thread and purple metallic large size tubular crin. This set are seductive and sultry, so perfect for gothic attire in your favourite club. They are also a great choice for Halloween!

Our price: £31.99

WhiteWeb Cyberlox

Featuring our very own design black white dtripe along with white metallic tubular crin - you won't see these rare colours anywhere else! Mixed with black non-metallic and topped off perfectly with our blend of plastics, rubber mesh and ribbon accents - WhiteWeb are an awesome looking set of cyberlox!

Our price: £29.99

WhiteWeb Cyberlox Wig

Our WhiteWeb design made in to a wig! This classic design brings you a fantastic mix of cyber and industrial to your hair wardrobe. Great for both boys and girls.

Our price: £79.99

YellowWeb Cyberlox

An original design featuring our very own sunshine yellow metallic and black yellow stripe mixed with black non-metallic, topped off with our awesome foam accents and blend of rexlace, ribbon and rubber mesh and mounted on thick black elastic - YellowWeb are something to envy!

Our price: £29.99

Zombiilox Cyberlox

A badass set of cyberlox! Uber full with our hi spec super bouncy tubular crin in UV reactive neon fuchsia, Light Teal and deep Black metallic, the perfect underground cyber gothic look - perfect for any cyberlox zombie.

Worn by the stunning Sophie Wighton (AKA Zombiispoph) who is our official CyberloxShop model, this set of lox is not for the faint at heart! Lashing of volume and vivid colour combo make for a most eye catching set of cyberlox.

Our price: £29.99

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