Blue Cyberlox


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Acid Queen Cyberlox

A retro UV cyberlox design, not for the faint hearted! Black, neon pink, neon yellow and royal blue set this pair of cyberlox in an acid coloured array of stunning UV colours. Some of the foam strips are accented with rectangular shapes in contrasting colours. A fantastic looking design!

Our price: £39.99
Out of stock
Atlas Cyberlox

A blue / black / silver themed set of crin and foam falls with all the usual hole punch accents, rexlace and ribbon. black royal stripe, royal metallic and blue with silver thread tubular crin make for a superb looking set of falls.

Our price: £39.99

Baby Cyberlox

Light blue and light pink tubular crin and foam - a really cute and innocent looking set of cyberlox. Beautifully accented with white and baby pink foam stripes and topped off with rexlace.

Our price: £39.99

Blood Drinker Cyberlox

A colour stripe explosion! Nearly every colour you can think of blended together with a special foam style. Featuring a super layered design and topped off with striped foam sticks. Designed by Alexandra Bloodrinker, made by Cyberloxshop.

Our price: £41.99

Blue Predator Cyberlox Wig

Our ever popular, well known Predator design in blue colour way.  Lashings of hand sprayed foam, tubing, mountains of tubular crin and rexlace all binded together to make this impeccable, impressive and stunning cyber wig.

Our price: £109.99

BlueBleach Cyberlox

Featuring our very own royal non-metallic tubular crin mixed with our white metallic tubular crin in an epic array of contrasting colours - BlueBleach is a true vision of blues and whites, fit for any deserving clubber! Featuring our special mix of rubber mesh, foam strips, rexlace and ribbon - you won't be blue to receive these!

Our price: £39.99

BlueWeb Cyberlox

Not just for guys - made up of royal non-metallic, black royal stripe and black non-metallic tubular crin along with all the usual comfy foam strips, plastic, rubber and lace accents, BlueWeb is a very striking set of cyberlox!

Our price: £39.99

Butterfly Cyberlox

Butterfly embody the free spirit of a butterfly! Light colours, flowing cyberlox tubes in blue, purple and pink, along with a mix of our special ribbon, rexlace and foam sticks combo.

Our price: £44.99

Cascada Star Cyberlox

This water fall of beautiful aqua blues and silver shades blended with subtle black accents. Beautiful star accents on the foam strips, and lots of delicious rexlace accents complete the look perfectly.

Our price: £39.99
Out of stock
Cassius Cyberlox

A favourite with our male customers! Crin and foam falls in a blue / gold / silver theme giving you a really cyborg - industrial look on the dance floor.

Our price: £39.99

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