Blue Cyberlox


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Cordelia Cyberlox

A stunning sea inspired set of cyberlox with a purple twist. Lashings of aqua shades complimented perfectly with subtle purples. Our impeccable selection of tubular crin mixed in with our usual rexlace accents making for a fab set of cyberlox.

Our price: £29.99

Corporal Cyberlox

A Victorian inspired set of falls. Blues, browns and blacks with clock face prints over the foam. A truly neo-gothic hair piece accented with all the usual CyberloxShop embellishments.

Our price: £32.99

Dark Blue Mistress Cyberlox

The ever beautiful Dark Mistress design in blue colourway. A truly awe inspiring set of cyberlox, perfect for your gothic nights out! Each fall is decorated to a high standard with special foam accents.

Our price: £34.99

DuoWeb - Pink / Aqua Cyberlox

Sea blues and hot pinks match perfectly in a stunning blend of colour combined in one set of beautiful cyberlox! Filled with aqua metallic, black aqua stripe and black fuchsia stripe - if you love these colours, you'll love these lox!

Our price: £29.99

Enzyme Cyberlox

Blue and yellow crin and foam with hole punched accents. Very cyber! UV crin adds a flash of colour and instantly makes you stand out from the crowd. Totally cyber looking, a real crowd pleaser!

Our price: £29.99

Gemini (Blue / Light Blue) Cyberlox

One for the boys, or the girls who like blue! Brimming with royal non-metallic and finished off with light blue cyberlox tubes for that great colour combination. Crin only falls, but super big and bouncy!

Our price: £29.99

Helix - Pink / Blue Mix Cyberlox

The Helix Pink is filled with lots of large tubular crin in a mix of purples, aquas, pinks and blues and is topped off with mini blue tubular crin. Each vibrant and pretty fall is full of gorgeous colour and is completed with rexlace and skinny ribbon.

Our price: £29.99

Helix - Red / Pink / Blue Mix Cyberlox

A juicy lovely coloured set of cyberlox - fit for any romantic! Lots of reds and pinks combined with a tiny bit of royal non-metallic, giving you a bold yet simply stunning set of cyberlox.

Our price: £29.99
Out of stock
Ice Blue Angel Cyberlox

An original design - Ice Blue Angel.  A look which will give you an ice prince or princess look with minimal effort! Stunning blues and whites mixed with our unique blend of rexlace, ribbon and rubber mesh accents.

Our price: £34.99

Jubilee Cyberlox Wig

An outstandingly designed wig with a very unique and special cyberlox fringe! It's finally been done! A jaw droppingly cool wig, with love heart, butterfly and flower accents on the gorgeous
foam, this is a wig to be seen in! Also featuring striped foam sticks. Fantastic for costumes, theatre productions or just for wearing on nights out. This wig will get you noticed.

Our price: £99.99

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