Blue Cyberlox


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KandiKane Cyberlox

A savvy mix of pinks, turquoise and purples, these eye catching crin only cyberlox are a real treat! Bursting with sweet candy colours, you won't be able to resist!

Our price: £29.99

Legacy Cyberlox

Legacy are a super dark, futuristic themed set of cyberlox, made up of jet black and perfectly accented with electric blue.  Cool, robotic style angular foam make for a set of cyberlox which could have come from the future!

Our price: £34.99

Mechanoid Cyberlox Wig

The original cyberlox wig from CyberloxShop! A cool mix of blue and black foam, along with colour co-ordinated foam strips accented with hole punches, rubber mesh and rexlace. Mounted on a sturdy elasticated base, made to your head size requirements. Comfortable to wear whilst dancing, and definitely an eye catcher!

Note: Goggles not included.  Cyber goggles can be purchased seperately from our store.

Our price: £79.99

Mercury Cyberlox

UV neon green and royal metallic tubular crin and hole punch accented foam falls - very cyber gothic indeed! Along with our usual mix of rubber mesh, rexlace and ribbon - Mercury are UV and stunning!

Our price: £29.99

Moon Baby Cyberlox

Moon Baby is an explosion in a space theme! Iridescent blues, yellows and greens perfectly blended together to form a new creation! Each lovingly hand crafted foam accent is laden with 'space junk' - a collection of special cut outs of planets, suns and stars! We've even painted glow in the dark paint on some of the foam for extra speciality! Oh and in this colour, these are really UV cyberlox!

Our price: £37.99

Neon Heart Cyberlox

Love UV? Love glowing in the dark? This super stunning set of cyberlox will get your heart racing, and maybe others hearts too! A savvy blend of rich blues and UV neon greens, be bold and stand out! Topped off to perfection with our great mix of foam sticks with stripes, heart cut outs in matching colours and all the usually quality mix of rexlace and ribbon. Superb!

Our price: £32.99

Neon Temptation Cyberlox

Our Neon Temptation is a classy mix of UV colours and some subtle darker shades making for a very sultry set of cyberlox indeed.  Featuring our special foam sticks and all our usual range of rexlace and ribbon, it's one to watch out for in the dark!

Our price: £32.99

Patriot Cyberlox

Red, white and blue! Like many flags! Tubular crin and rexlace falls with flag colours. Lovely and bouncy!

Our price: £29.99

PowderBlue Cyberlox

A powder blue set of cyberlox with beautiful rivet hole accent foam strips and bursting with turquoise tubular crin. Mixed with subtle black foam and crin, this is an understated set of cyberlox. Rexlace accents in black and turquoise to match this gorgeous colour way.

Our price: £29.99

SnowFlake Cyberlox

Icy and cool looking crin only falls. Filled with a mix of whites, blues, pinks and black tubular crin to give a truly shimmering effect.

Our price: £29.99

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