Custom Wool Dread Falls

These high quality hand crafted wool dreads are not only sturdy and hard wearing but also super soft to the skin!  Each unique set of wool dread falls features a selection of double ended wool dreads created from the softest merino roving wool in the colours of your choice, mounted on thick black elastic.  Each wool dread has been hand made specially for you, and sealed multiple times to ensure high quality long term use.

Our wool dread falls come as a pair of two falls, with a total of 14 double ended dreads on each fall, giving the effect of 28 single dreads per fall.  That's 56 single wool dreads in total throughout the two falls!  You can remove them from their elastic if you would like to install them as a wool dread install. 

Choose some bright and bold colours or go for something natural, or perhaps mix and match.  We can create for you any colour of wool dreads, so please let us know which colours you would like from our merino roving section here

If you would like some loose wool dreads made just for you, please get in touch with us and we will offer you a custom quote.


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Custom Merino Wool Dread Falls

If you do not see any of our own designs that you like, we can offer you the opportunity to create your very own custom made wool dread falls, in your own desired length!

Simply select your desired colours from our merino wool section, type your custom colour requirements in the box below and select your length! Our design team will then do the hard work for you, and create your very own custom made set of wool dread falls! You can choose just one colour, two colours, or have a combination of however many colours you like! It's entirely up to you!

Our price: £99.99

Dark Night Wool Dread Falls

Our most popular set of wool dread falls - Dark Night are for the ultimate in gothic princesses, completely black and striking! Perfect with any outfit.

Our price: £99.99

Floss Wool Dread Falls

Beautiful candy coloured hand made wool dreads made from candyfloss pink, baby blue, mediterranean blue and lavender. A very girly, subtle collection of colours for a sweet pair of dreads. Can be worn as falls or you can remove them from their elastic base and install in to your own hair.

Our price: £99.99

Marina Wool Dread Falls

A vision of aqua blue - Marina are for all you mermaids out there! Bring some colour in to your life with these beautifully hand rolled woollen dreads - super soft to wear and ultra bright!

Our price: £99.99

Rainbow Star Wool Dread Falls

A jaw dropping array of the brightest colours, merged together for a full impact look, certain to turn heads!

Our price: £99.99

Rosa (Black / Green) Wool Dread Falls

Our Rosa design is simple and classic. A base of black hand rolled dreads topped off perfectly with green dreads to make for a truly striking set of woollen dread falls.

Our price: £99.99

Rosa (Black / Pink) Wool Dread Falls

Our Rosa design is simple and classic. A black base of dreads teamed with hot pink dreads for a total cyber queen look!

Our price: £99.99

Rosa (Black / Violet) Wool Dread Falls

Our Rosa design is simple and classic. A black base of wool dreads, hand rolled to perfection and matched with ultra violet coloured wool dreads. Dark, sultry and simply stunning.

Our price: £99.99

Rosa (Black / Yellow) Wool Dread Falls

Catkin yellow hand rolled dreads over a base of black woollen dreads create a very bright and interesting pair of woollen dread falls!

Our price: £99.99

Steampunk Wool Dread Falls

Merino wool dreads, hand rolled to perfection.  A subtle blend of browns and oyster to give you that neo-victorian steampunk look you crave.

Our price: £99.99

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