Customer Reviews & Feedback

Just a quick message to let you know how EXTREMELY pleased I am with your product and my entire purchase experience through your shop!  I recently ordered one of your Cyberlox “wigs” and I LOVE it.  The construction quality of the product is truly impressive – it is VERY well-made, fits perfectly, stays on well, and looks SO cool on!  The customer service I received during the ENTIRE purchase process was OUTSTANDING – you cheerfully answered all of my pre-purchase questions, I was kept consistently informed with order status and shipping information, and it arrived at my home securely packaged and in great shape.

William Warner

I love my lox so much! This is an outfit I've put together for a Cyberpunk themed convention in November. I'm only going on day, and I decided to mix Lolita and Cyber. Thank you guys so so much for your Lox. They've really completed the outfit. ♥

Shelbijune Daxx Humes

My awesome scrunchie have just arrived! that's only 5 days, including sunday! :D They are SO GORGEOUS, first i was afraid the knot would go out, but you have attached that beautifully too! I would totally recommend buying this, can't wait to show it to the world! :D It's something like this there makes you proud to be cybergoth! x)

Alexandra BloodDrinker

Cyberlox Shop stuff arrived! WOOHOOO! New pink Cyberloxx-single fall :D *dances*

Hanna FluffyDinosaur

Thank you very much my bright red hair arrived today, i know i won't get lost in a crowd once i have them on.

Dai Dai Flower

My locks have finally arrived! They are really wonderful! *__________* And sooo yellow! Waiting for tomorrow or the day after to make some pics, I asked a friend, my fantastic photographer *_* I'm soooo, sooooo happy!

Alessandra Mascetti

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY LOX!!!!!!!!! I is a happy cyber camper....

Maddie Millward

The merino wool i ordered arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for a speedy delivery. I started to make my dreads last night =D Will be braiding them in my hair as soon as they have dried for my Black and White mix. This is the best shop ever... ^;..;^

Georgina Bownes

My new red, black and fushia terrorbat falls have arrived :) Thanks they look great

Sam Flower

Thanks guys for my new lox they are really awsome :D

Kirsty-Purplefiend North

hey the ketalis i ordered just arrived and they are perfect thanks keep up the great work ^^

Joshua Nicholas

Loving my cyberlox soo much! :D Thanks a lot! ^-^ They're awesome!!! :3 :D ♥♥♥ I wear them all the time and get so many comments and people taking pictures with/of me :'D ♥

Bronny Jones

Had an awesome weekend at Ascension in Edinburgh, thanks cyberlox I love my new hair :)

Doug 'Musser' Davey

Just made from roving dreadies made from the Plum & Rainbow Blended merino roving. Amazing!!! x

The Fantastical Faerie

Got my roving wool today and LOVE IT!!! It's so beautiful and soft! I can't wait to get going on my dreads. =D Finding time right now is the thing! lol But love it! Thanks alot!

Sabrina Tolbert

I love your shop - you made me happy!

Luna Shizophrenita

Crin and googles bought from Cyberloxshop! My favourite pair :)

Kayleigh Tyler

Thanks For My CyberLox, I Love Them Sooooo Muchly! Simply Amazing! ♥

Rhiannon Wilson

I have quite a few pairs of Cyberlox and I love them! They're quite unique, and whenever i wear them out, people always want photos and to know where i got them! I take mine to festivals and they've lasted really well. I can't fault the quality and customer service. I recommend them to all my friends, and I don't plan on stopping until I have a pair of each!

Ceri 'Daisy' Jones

thankyou so much! i love my cyberlox! :D xxxxxxxx ♥

Georgia Marshall

I received my lox about a week ago! I love them. I wore them all night at the club and they were super comfortable. I must say they are one best pairs of cyberlox I've worn. They are nicely made! =]

Deonna Varianii Ritter

i ♥ my lox :D thank you sooooo much :) xxxx

Daisy Jayne Heywood

Hi, i just wanted to say thank you for my new locks, got them in the post yesterday, there so prettyful :D Cant wait to wear them. Im a bit tempted to buy myself another set when i get paid next week ;) x

Charlotte Stokes

received my fabulous new steampunk lox this morning...thanks soo much, they are perfect!!!

Mustang Sal

thank you Cyberlox Shop for my amazing stuff that came today ! just in time for the weekend ! woo hoooooo!

Anya Kätzchen Atta

Chevrolox in Red >_< I wore these to Rammstein recently and ended up getting so much attention I was stopped and given a backstage pass to the afterparty where i met Till Lindemann who said I looked great >_< Best night of my life XD Thankyou Cyberlox Shop :@)

Bee Ba

thank you :)  i will defo keep ordering from you, very easy to order from :)


I absolutely love your Starburst Cyberlox!  I love the colour combination and the little star details in the foam. They really do stand out! =^D  Your Cyberlox are so comfortable to wear and are such good quality and delivery was really quick!  I hope to buy from you again some time. Thank-you. =^)

~ Jessica M

Can I just say a massive THANK YOU to you for designing my hair, it was totally awsome and went down a storm at the production of Return To The Forbidden Planet in Cambrige a couple of weeks ago.  Thank you as well for excellent customer service and really understanding what I wanted and creating a fabulous masterpiece....everyone was so jealous!!


My wig arrived today.It is awesome! I love the wool dreads and everything about it! Thank you so much,I don't think I can love it more :D Thanks again


I had a pretty awesome night out a few weeks ago wearing your falls - such great quality work!

Samantha Ashleigh Yeaman

Thought I'd share these - A black light photo shoot I did while wearing my custom CyberloxShop hair falls ♥ The photographer had never seen anything like them and they REALLY make the photos POP! Thanks again for these amazing falls!!

Jina D (Model)

You've made an Asian happy ♥

Vallie Saurus

Thanks! Love my lox and feel the need for another set coming on ;)

Anna Cydonia

I've just received your beautiful Tech-X cyberlox! Wonderful!!! Thank you!

Lucia Palomba

My new Mega Mutant cyberlox :D I love them ♥

Kim Varley

Thanks for the prompt delivery! Love your lox!!!!

Fish IsaDancer

new cyberlox are great! thank you Cyberlox Shop! i cant stop playing with them! ahhhhh!!

Anya Kätzchen Atta

Thanks CyberloxShop UK for the amazing custom-made blue Predator wig!  Loving it! =)

Jaco du Preez

thank you so much for the stuff i get from you :) i cant fault you in the quality of your products and how fast everything arrives :) xxx

Anya Kätzchen Atta

got my order this morning, thanks for the fast delivery guys =) mega pleased with my stuff x

HannahBelle Dreads

♥ The off-cut bags are great ! Randôm is cool ! Thanks !! Xoxoxo

Robyn Cooper Bartley

Now the gorgeous rainbow falls have got themself a worthy picture,  They are just SO perfect in the sun! :'D

Alexandra BloodDrinker

I am rockin' my Steampunk Sergeant falls. Got lots of compliments during the night. =)

Nicole Ross

My lovely awesome lox have arrived and are safe home! ♥

Alexandra BloodDrinker

Neon Fuchsia combinated with Non-Metallic Black and some Non-Metallic Purple for highlights ;) I love them so much ^w^

NeonTerror Extasy

My cyberlox just arrived in the mail! So happy with them thank you!

Bethany Rutter

I got CyberloxShop custom wig today . It perfectly matches my guitars and clothes !! Thank you!

Sitoh Cyb

this guy loves cyberloxshop UK!

Cody Mccullough

I just got my custom order cyberlox! OMG! I ♥ them!!!  I got A LOT of compliments! And they are so much fun to wear! Thank for doing such a fantastic job on them!

Jina Dempsey

fun with my cyberlox, thanks cyberloxshop UK!

Cody Mccullough

if anyone wants absolutly amazing hair falls and loxs you should order off just because they are so awsome!!!!! and they look so fantastic!!

Lady Jess Stab

My new custom Cyberlox turned up in time for Ascension on Saturday 14th January in Edinburgh, thanks CyberloxShop UK you rock :D!

Doug 'Musser' Davey

Got my hair ! Thank you & THANK YOU for ze Petrol Green ♥ It's gorgeous of course :D

Pretty Dreadful

I really like your stuff! Very good loxx!

Jasmin Maurer

hi i got my order of jumbo braid today very pleased with it alread got 4 se dreads done :) thank you xx

Nicky Davies