Cyberlox Wigs

Another innovative addition to CyberloxShop are our cyberlox wigs! Totally unisex - perfect for both cyber boys and cyber princesses! Our cyberlox wigs are custom made to your head measurements and can be made in the style of your favourite CyberloxShop cyberlox, or in a completely new design. Packed with tubular crin, foam sticks, rexlace, ribbon and mesh, these wigs are really something special!

Listed here are our some of our previous designs. We can create a wig version of any design of cyberlox you can see on our website, or if you require a custom designed wig, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all the available options!


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Blue Predator Cyberlox Wig

Our ever popular, well known Predator design in blue colour way.  Lashings of hand sprayed foam, tubing, mountains of tubular crin and rexlace all binded together to make this impeccable, impressive and stunning cyber wig.

Our price: £109.99

DuoWeb - Purple / Green Cyberlox Wig

A wig version of our DuoWeb falls, in gorgeous green and rich purple! All the same stuff you'd get in our standard Web cyberlox falls, but loads more because it's a wig!

Our price: £89.99

Green Predator Cyberlox Wig

The stunning Predator design in green, something wild to get your teeth into! A lush array of green and black crin and plastic, complete with your special fit CyberloxShop wig base - custom made to your head requirements. Perfect for those who want to wear cyberlox, but don't have any hair!

Our price: £109.99

Guitar Hero Cyberlox Wig

Neon greens, reds, white, black all mixed together for a truly eye catching wig! Hand sprayed foam accents giving you superb looking stripes for a really cutting edge look. Rivet hole accents scattered throughout the foam strips. Bursting with tubular crin in co ordinated colours. Wear this wig and the compliments will be music to your ears.

Our price: £99.99

Humbug Cyberlox Wig

A sweet black and white mix of tubular crin and accented foam along with rexlace accents! Mounted onto an elasticated wig base - made specifically to your head size for optimum comfort! Our wigs are an excellent way to change your look without any drastic change to your natural hair!

Our price: £89.99

Jubilee Cyberlox Wig

An outstandingly designed wig with a very unique and special cyberlox fringe! It's finally been done! A jaw droppingly cool wig, with love heart, butterfly and flower accents on the gorgeous
foam, this is a wig to be seen in! Also featuring striped foam sticks. Fantastic for costumes, theatre productions or just for wearing on nights out. This wig will get you noticed.

Our price: £109.99
Out of stock
Krypton Cyberlox Wig

A bright UV wig with UV reactive neon green tubular crin, along with our very own black white stripe design and black non-metallic. Topped off perfectly with rexlace and rubber mesh accents. Each wig is fitted to an elasticated base made to your head size, giving you a stunning hair piece, and comfort to boot!

Our price: £89.99

Mechanoid Cyberlox Wig

The original cyberlox wig from CyberloxShop! A cool mix of blue and black foam, along with colour co-ordinated foam strips accented with hole punches, rubber mesh and rexlace. Mounted on a sturdy elasticated base, made to your head size requirements. Comfortable to wear whilst dancing, and definitely an eye catcher!

Note: Goggles not included.  Cyber goggles can be purchased seperately from our store.

Our price: £89.99

Medisynk Cyberlox Wig

A nurse inspired wig in red and white with red crosses embellishing the foam strips. Topped off with all the usual rexlace and rubber mesh accents, this wig is really vibrant! Mounted on to a special elasticated base, made specifically to your requirements, for optimum comfort and durability.

Our price: £99.99

Neon YellowWeb Hybrid Cyberlox Wig

A hybrid wig version of our Neon YellowWeb cyberlox falls, but of course because its a wig it's super full! All the usual awesome foam strips, hole punched and accented with rubber mesh and rexlace. Superb!

Our price: £89.99

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