Welcome to our Wool and Synthetic Dreads Department!

Here you will find a growing range of the most beautiful synthetic dreads and of course our stunning handmade wool roving dreads, with something suitable for every need - and in every imaginable colour!

We carry a range of both top of the range synthetic dreads in many great colours, aswell as our very unique and lovingly handmade wool dreads, made from only the finest quality roving and created to your exact specifications in house by our fabulous hair artists.
Synthetic Dreads (Elysee Star Dreads)
Synthetic dreads are made up from synthetic hair and are a great way to change your hair style in a temporary way!  All of the synthetic dreads which we currently stock are double ended (DE) dreads which means they have two 'tails', so when braided in to your hair they give the look of two dreads.

If you are looking for brightly coloured synthetic dreads or just natural shade synthetic dreads, you are in the right place! We also carry a range of transitional synthetic dreads in this section which offer you a super cool twist on your normal hair style.  Mix and match different colours of these synthetic dreads to create a totally unique look!
To wear synthetic dreads you can either braid them in to your hair in what's known as a ' dread install' or you can make 'dread falls' for an even less permanent effect. Your hair should be at least 3-4 inches to perform a dread install. Why not just braid in a couple of accent dreads for a more subtle look?
Don't forget your braiding bands!

Wool Dreads
Our Wool dreads are all handmade in house at Cyberloxshop by our resident hair artists.  Each set takes many long hours to make as every single wool dread is carefully made individually so each one is perfect and longlasting.  Our wool dreads can be made in a range of lengths or thicknesses and are only available as double ended dreads.  You are welcome to choose to have us make you a set of wool dreads in any of the colours available in our Merino Roving section here.
Wool dreads are very soft to the touch and are comfortable to wear.  Each set of our wool dreads come as a pair of falls.  This means you will recieve two falls, each made up of your wool dreads which are mounted on elastic.

You can either wear the wool dreads as wool dread falls by tying them in to your hair or you can remove them from the elastic on which they are mounted to create loose double ended wool dreads and then you will be able to install them in a similar way to how you would install synthetic dreads.

Whether you love synth, or prefer wool, our dreads department has something perfect for you!

If you've landed in this section but are thinking of making synthetic dreads, then you will need some kanekalon jumbo braid which you can find here!

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Custom Wool Dread Falls
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