FlickTips Eyeliner Extensions

Introducing FlickTips range of eyeliner extensions! For flamboyant eyeliner in minutes

Add instant glamour to your day time or evening look with these fabulous eyeliner extension stickers!  A high quality well thought out product, Flick Tips offer you perfect 'flicks' and extend your eyeliner beautifully.

Simply draw on your normal eye liner, choose which 'FlickTips' design you want to wear, and stick! Instant glamour! If you find the whole process a little tricky, use a pair of tweezers for even easier application!

Each set is reusable for several uses provided you don't get it covered in make up products, simply return it to the pack once you've used it. Our advice is to ensure the area you intend to stick these extensions to is clean prior to adhesion.

Each pack contains 5 different designs - both packs are stunning and will add glamour to your look, whatever you have planned!


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FlickTips Eyeliner Extensions - Classic Range

Featuring 5 classic designs:

• Classic Wing
• Classic Single
• Classic Double
• Classic Cats Eye
• Classic Multi

Our price: £6.99
FlickTips Eyeliner Extensions - Party Range

Featuring 5 party designs:

• Party Flicktip
• Party Single
• Party Swirl
• Party Oriental
• Party Winged

Our price: £6.99