Fun & Funky Cyberlox


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Army Cyberlox

UV neon green and rich cocoa tubular crin teamed with brown and green foam accents. Perfect for that army cyber look! Also featuring our unique blend of rexlace and ribbon accents, these falls are major!

Our price: £29.99

Baby Cyberlox

Light blue and light pink tubular crin and foam - a really cute and innocent looking set of cyberlox. Beautifully accented with white and baby pink foam stripes and topped off with rexlace.

Our price: £29.99

Black Medic Cyberlox

Similar to our standard Medic design, black medic is slightly darker. Featuring a mix of black and red crin along with foam accents it's a really nasty nurse set of cyberlox! Topped off with black and red crosses for that darker look. Our usual rubber mesh, rexlace and ribbon accents create a stunning set of falls.

Our price: £32.99

Butterfly Cyberlox

Butterfly embody the free spirit of a butterfly! Light colours, flowing cyberlox tubes in blue, purple and pink, along with a mix of our special ribbon, rexlace and foam sticks combo.

Our price: £34.99

CandiFloss Cyberlox

Cute n' Candi - mouth wateringly pink and white - like strawberries and cream! Foam and crin falls, with heart accents in hot pink - perfect for any candi princess!

Our price: £32.99

Daisy Cyberlox

An original from CyberloxShop - Daisy are pretty and unique! Foam accents with flower cut outs, and crin in black, pink and opal - perfect for any deserving flower girl!

Our price: £34.99

Geos Cyberlox

A stunning set of cyberlox - Geos has extra special foam accents. UV neon fuchsia tubular crin, black and some blue accents. You won't find such intricate foam anywhere else - triangles and geometric shapes make up this design, and it's pretty UV reactive too!

Our price: £34.99

Gob Stopper Cyberlox

Vibrant oranges and pinks which are totally UV topped off with paint splattered look foam accents and skinny tubular crin! Awesome! A work of art!

Our price: £29.99

Jubilee Cyberlox Wig

An outstandingly designed wig with a very unique and special cyberlox fringe! It's finally been done! A jaw droppingly cool wig, with love heart, butterfly and flower accents on the gorgeous
foam, this is a wig to be seen in! Also featuring striped foam sticks. Fantastic for costumes, theatre productions or just for wearing on nights out. This wig will get you noticed.

Our price: £99.99

Lil' Green Man Cyberlox

Do you want to stop traffic? These falls are real eye catchers! Very UV reactive and featuring traffic light foam, and little green man and little red stopped man cut outs, they really are something special! Loads of rexlace and ribbon to boot, giving you an awesome set of falls!

Our price: £38.99

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