Green Cyberlox


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Andromeda Cyberlox

Introducing a stunning design of cyberlox to our collection here at Cyberloxshop!

Inspired by the stunning alternative model Sophie Wighton AKA Zombiispoph, this uber full set of cyberlox are very UV reactive and make a definite impact! Teaming deep blacks with vibrant neons, this is a set of cyber falls you don't want to miss!

Our price: £39.99
Out of stock
Army Cyberlox

UV neon green and rich cocoa tubular crin teamed with brown and green foam accents. Perfect for that army cyber look! Also featuring our unique blend of rexlace and ribbon accents, these falls are major!

Our price: £39.99

Blood Drinker Cyberlox

A colour stripe explosion! Nearly every colour you can think of blended together with a special foam style. Featuring a super layered design and topped off with striped foam sticks. Designed by Alexandra Bloodrinker, made by Cyberloxshop.

Our price: £41.99

Catharsis Cyberlox

Introducing the Catharsis Cyberlox!
Designed and inspired by French cyber goth/alternative model the.catharsis and created exclusively in house at Cyberloxshop by our world renowned cyberlox designer, this is one of the most cyber gothic inspired sets of cyberlox you will ever see and one of the biggest designs we have on offer!

If you are searching for the cyber gothic look, then this set of cyberlox has it all! 

Our price: £54.99

DuoWeb - Neon Pink / Neon Green Cyberlox

A vibrant set of lox filled with neon pinks and neon greens mixed with our special foam accents and topped off perfectly with rexlace and ribbon! Super bright, super bouncy!

Our price: £39.99
Out of stock
DuoWeb - Purple / Green Cyberlox

A darker pair of cyberlox - very cyber gothic! Filled with black lime stripe, purple metallic and black metallic to really give you the darkest, the sexiest Web design we make!

Our price: £39.99

DuoWeb - Purple / Green Cyberlox Wig

A wig version of our DuoWeb falls, in gorgeous green and rich purple! All the same stuff you'd get in our standard Web cyberlox falls, but loads more because it's a wig!

Our price: £89.99

Extreme Green Cyberlox

A super UV reactive set of cyberlox with neon green, neon green black stripe and emerald tubular crin making for one that will definitely stand out in the clubs! A very cyberesque set, great for boys and girls who want that cutting edge look on the dancefloor - these cyberlox take green to the extreme!

Our price: £39.99

Green Predator Cyberlox Wig

The stunning Predator design in green, something wild to get your teeth into! A lush array of green and black crin and plastic, complete with your special fit CyberloxShop wig base - custom made to your head requirements. Perfect for those who want to wear cyberlox, but don't have any hair!

Our price: £109.99

GreenBleach Cyberlox

Made up of our own white metallic tubular crin and topped off with the gorgeous lime yarn tubular crin, GreenBleach bring something different to the table! Perfect for the ultimate cyber goth - dance the night away in style in these special falls.

Our price: £39.99

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