Green Cyberlox


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Spaghetti - Green & Purple Cyberlox

Something a little different - made up of loads of skinny tubular crin in purple and green and accented with our special foam strips!

Our price: £39.99

Starburst Cyberlox

A rainbow of colours in one pair of cyberlox! Starburst really stand out! Be the most colourful person you know! Filled with rainbow coloured tubular crin and foam strips and topped off with rexlace! Starburst are total juiciness you can wear in your hair!

Our price: £29.99

Starburst Metallica Cyberlox

Our ever popular Starburst design cyberlox made with all metallic tubular crin. A truly stunning colour explosion, fit for any rainbow lover!

Our price: £29.99

Sugar Baby Cyberlox

A very cute and baby set of cyberlox. Tubular crin, rexlace and ribbon falls - decorated with banana yellow beads! A great set of falls, easy to wear and super light!

Our price: £21.99

Super Space Star Cyberlox

A bright explosion of UV colour in a fantastically eye catching blend of the brightest colours! Foam accents emblazoned with giant stars and smaller stars for a real galaxy of colour and excitement in this amazing set of cyberlox! This set of cyberlox is filled with UV reactive tubular crin and gorgeous rexlace accents too. Be a shiny star the next time you go out!

Our price: £37.99

Talos Cyberlox

A cyborg themed design in fantastic neon green, purple, black and blue. An electric colour scheme which really works well together. The foam is accented with rectangular rivet holes which give a cyborg effect.

Our price: £29.99

Tech-X Cyberlox

For the hardcore cyberlox fan - Tech-X embody the spirit of the cyber goth completely. Neon UV greens, mixed with black giving a stunning contrast of colours! Foam accents and matching crin.

Our price: £32.99

Tech-X Ice Cyberlox

The same design as Tech-X but also including some white metallic tubular crin to make the falls a little lighter in colour. Also includes our special mix of rubber mesh, ribbon and rexlace accents.

Our price: £32.99

Tech-X Juicy Cyberlox

Our wonderful Tech-X design cyberlox now with neon fuchsia accents!  Uber UV reactive with black lime stripe crin to boot, Tech- X Juicy are one for the stunning cyber ladies!

Our price: £32.99

Toxica (Dreaded Green Version) Cyberlox

A twist on the original design - this time with merino roving wool dread accents! Green and white theme, still with the foam sticks - a fantastic looking set of cyberlox!

Our price: £39.99

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