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Black Hair Donut Bobbles

This set of two black hair donut bobbles give awesome coverage to the joins of your hair when tied into buns before wearing cyberlox. Use them to enhance the look of your cyberlox and be the envy of all your friends!

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Crystal Hair Springs (Pack of 12)

These stunning hair diamante jewel springs make for a fantastic addition to your hair style! Fabulous for bridal wear, school, college or even the office! Each spring is easy to use, just pull it very gently (not too much) and slot it on to your selected piece of hair and it will stay in place! They look fantastic dotted all over your head for a truly diamante sparkly look!

Each spring is a pretty silver colour and has a beautiful and expensive looking diamante stone!  Why not add a little sparkle to your hair? If you're getting married, these make for an excellent addition to you and your bridesmaids hair, so stock up!

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