Welcome to our Marley Braid falls (aka Krinklepuffs) department where you will find a fantastic lightweight alternative to dreadfalls.  These super huge falls are super simple to wear, just tie your hair in to a large bun or two buns at the top/back of your head and attach them around the bun.  Then all you've got to do is arrange them a little so they 'poof' out and you get that totally volumised look! You'll hardly notice you have them on! They are just so fun to wear!

We offer a choice of hard to find colours so you can easily create a look to suit you! Use the handy drop down box to choose the colours you would like your 'Krinklepuffs' to be made from. You can choose up to 8 colours. Each fall will be arranged beautifully so the colours you choose are laid out evenly and you can enjoy your beautiful new falls!  Each is a pair of falls mounted on sturdy black elastic for optimum comfort.

Marley Braid falls (aka Krinklepuffs) are a fantastic alternative to dreadlocks. They offer superb volume, are available in a range of colours and are super lightweight! Mix and match colours and get a multi faceted look! If you normally opt for dreads, then you will know how heavy they can be, and by the end of the night you have a sore scalp and you wonder why you do it! Marley Braid falls are the answer for you! They have a very similar look look
to dreadfalls, and are so much more comfortable to wear!

Plus they are the latest thing to wear out in your favourite club or night out. Be the first of your friends to show up in these impeccably cool, massive falls and wow them all!  We highly recommend them as an alternative to dreads or Cyberlox! They're fantastic!  Every single piece we make is especially designed in house, and is hand crafted using only the highest quality materials.

Check out some of our previous colour themes below, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to order your very own Krinklepuffs!

                               1 Colour Krinklepuffs                                                            2 Colour Krinklepuffs

                               2 Colour Krinklepuffs                                                            3 Colour Krinklepuffs

                                                                                 3 Colour Krinklepuffs


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Custom Krinklepuffs (Pair of Falls)

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