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Andromeda Cyberlox

Introducing a stunning design of cyberlox to our collection here at Cyberloxshop!

Inspired by the stunning alternative model Sophie Wighton AKA Zombiispoph, this uber full set of cyberlox are very UV reactive and make a definite impact! Teaming deep blacks with vibrant neons, this is a set of cyber falls you don't want to miss!

Our price: £29.99

Catharsis Cyberlox

Introducing the Catharsis Cyberlox!
Designed and inspired by French cyber goth/alternative model the.catharsis and created exclusively in house at Cyberloxshop by our world renowned cyberlox designer, this is one of the most cyber gothic inspired sets of cyberlox you will ever see and one of the biggest designs we have on offer!

If you are searching for the cyber gothic look, then this set of cyberlox has it all! 

Our price: £44.99

Legacy Cyberlox

Legacy are a super dark, futuristic themed set of cyberlox, made up of jet black and perfectly accented with electric blue.  Cool, robotic style angular foam make for a set of cyberlox which could have come from the future!

Our price: £34.99

Neon PinkWeb Cyberlox

Neon PinkWeb is a UV array of hot neon pink! Filled with neon fuchsia (very UV), black fuchsia stripe and black metallic tubular crin, along with our unique blend of foam strips, rubber mesh, rexlace and ribbon.  Neon PinkWeb glow under UV light making you really stand out!

Our price: £29.99

Orphea Cyberlox

Introducing an exclusive design of cyberlox hair falls to Cyberloxshop! 'Orphea' are a voluminous red and black set of lox, inspired by the amazing gothic Youtuber herself! Featuring a selection of Orphea333's favourite colours teamed together, this stunning extra full set of cyberlox is super striking, featuring rich reds, deep blacks and bold pewter to create an impactful set of cyberlox which you can be proud to wear. Bursting with foamies and our selection of the finest tubular crin, this set will definitely turn heads.

Our price: £34.99

RedWeb Metallic Cyberlox

Made up of red non-metallic, black metallic and black real red stripe tubular crin, along with all the usual accents RedWeb Metallic gives that extra industrial edge without losing any of its style! Featuring our very own foam strips and rubber mesh, rexlace and ribbon accents too!

Our price: £29.99

Vampyre Cyberlox

Vampyre are a dark and mysterious set of cyberlox, perfect for the most alluring of wannabe vampires! The black sections of the foam resembles bat wings and the purple foam sections are studded with star shaped holes.

A gorgeously gothic black and purple colourway made up of black-purple stripe, black metallic, black non metallic with pink purple thread and purple metallic large size tubular crin. This set are seductive and sultry, so perfect for gothic attire in your favourite club. They are also a great choice for Halloween!

Our price: £31.99

Zombiilox Cyberlox

A badass set of cyberlox! Uber full with our hi spec super bouncy tubular crin in UV reactive neon fuchsia, Light Teal and deep Black metallic, the perfect underground cyber gothic look - perfect for any cyberlox zombie.

Worn by the stunning Sophie Wighton (AKA Zombiispoph) who is our official CyberloxShop model, this set of lox is not for the faint at heart! Lashing of volume and vivid colour combo make for a most eye catching set of cyberlox.

Our price: £29.99

Army Cyberlox

UV neon green and rich cocoa tubular crin teamed with brown and green foam accents. Perfect for that army cyber look! Also featuring our unique blend of rexlace and ribbon accents, these falls are major!

Our price: £29.99

Black Widow Cyberlox

A very dark set of lox, made up of all black metallic and black non-metallic tubular crin, accented with black and grey foam strips along with our rexlace and ribbon combo. A gorgeous combination!

Our price: £29.99

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