Orange Cyberlox


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Anais Cyberlox

Bold, vibrant oranges - very UV. Foam accents included. Stand out from the crowd with a set of Anais cyberlox. Neatly accented with skinny black ribbon for a colour contrast. If orange is your favourite colour, then these are the falls for you!

Our price: £39.99

Blood Drinker Cyberlox

A colour stripe explosion! Nearly every colour you can think of blended together with a special foam style. Featuring a super layered design and topped off with striped foam sticks. Designed by Alexandra Bloodrinker, made by Cyberloxshop.

Our price: £41.99

Captain Mysterious Cyberlox

This epic steampunk set of cyberlox is absolutely out of this world.  Emblazoned with our unique steampunk clusters mixed in with our usual foam accents. Hand sprayed foam with rivet detail in black, brown, grey and beige and featuring brass rivets. This is a weighty set of cyberlox, fit for any respectable steampunk lover. Rich antique gold, coppers, browns and black tubular crin, mixed with colour co ordinated rexlace accents. Mysterious by name, mysterious by nature. Due to the beautifully hand sprayed accents in this fantastically regal set of cyberlox, no two pairs will be *exactly* the same.

Our price: £69.99

Copper Steam Cyberlox

These superb steampunk copper themed cyberlox are just wicked.Featuring a special blend of coppers and browns, these will top off your steampunk outfit perfectly.

Our price: £39.99

Dark Desire Cyberlox

Vibrant oranges mixed with black and white! Our very own black white stripe crin, with UV orange non-metallic topped off with our rexlace and ribbon combo,making for a super set of falls! Featuring triple hole punched hole accents.

Our price: £39.99

Gob Stopper Cyberlox

Vibrant oranges and pinks which are totally UV topped off with paint splattered look foam accents and skinny tubular crin! Awesome! A work of art!

Our price: £39.99
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Lil' Green Man Cyberlox

Do you want to stop traffic? These falls are real eye catchers! Very UV reactive and featuring traffic light foam, and little green man and little red stopped man cut outs, they really are something special! Loads of rexlace and ribbon to boot, giving you an awesome set of falls!

Our price: £48.99

Major Cyberlox

A hair piece crossed with a time piece. Steampunk Major is riddled with clock face prints, omitting the true style of steampunk. If you are a Victorian at heart, then these are the falls for you!

Our price: £42.99

Mega Mutant (Orange / Yellow) Cyberlox

Just when you think it couldn't get any brighter - we bring you Orange Mega Mutant! A bold sunshine inspired version of the original, featuring UV neon yellow, UV orange non-metallic and black non-metallic tubular crin with our special accent foam strips and lots of plastics, rubber mesh and topped off with ribbon!

Our price: £44.99

Orange Pirate Cyberlox

The original design me hearties! A set o' cyberlox which will float your boat! A bright array of oranges, whites and blacks to make for a set of cyberlox which will make you the envy of the seas!

Our price: £47.99

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