Purple Cyberlox


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Blood Drinker Cyberlox

A colour stripe explosion! Nearly every colour you can think of blended together with a special foam style. Featuring a super layered design and topped off with striped foam sticks. Designed by Alexandra Bloodrinker, made by Cyberloxshop.

Our price: £31.99

Butterfly Cyberlox

Butterfly embody the free spirit of a butterfly! Light colours, flowing cyberlox tubes in blue, purple and pink, along with a mix of our special ribbon, rexlace and foam sticks combo.

Our price: £34.99

Cordelia Cyberlox

A stunning sea inspired set of cyberlox with a purple twist. Lashings of aqua shades complimented perfectly with subtle purples. Our impeccable selection of tubular crin mixed in with our usual rexlace accents making for a fab set of cyberlox.

Our price: £29.99

DuoWeb - Purple / Green Cyberlox

A darker pair of cyberlox - very cyber gothic! Filled with black lime stripe, purple metallic and black metallic to really give you the darkest, the sexiest Web design we make!

Our price: £29.99

DuoWeb - Purple / Green Cyberlox Wig

A wig version of our DuoWeb falls, in gorgeous green and rich purple! All the same stuff you'd get in our standard Web cyberlox falls, but loads more because it's a wig!

Our price: £79.99

Helix - Green / Purple / Black Mix Cyberlox

A really striking combination of greens, yellows, purple and blacks in metallics and non metallics and matched perfectly with skinny ribbon and rexlace in co-ordinated colours. Simply perfect!

Our price: £29.99

Helix - Pink / Blue Mix Cyberlox

The Helix Pink is filled with lots of large tubular crin in a mix of purples, aquas, pinks and blues and is topped off with mini blue tubular crin. Each vibrant and pretty fall is full of gorgeous colour and is completed with rexlace and skinny ribbon.

Our price: £29.99

Ice Purple Angel Cyberlox

A dark and sultry version - Ice Purple Angel adds style and finesse to any outfit! Featuring foam sticks with stripes and special hand crafted foam accents.

Our price: £34.99

Jubilee Cyberlox Wig

An outstandingly designed wig with a very unique and special cyberlox fringe! It's finally been done! A jaw droppingly cool wig, with love heart, butterfly and flower accents on the gorgeous
foam, this is a wig to be seen in! Also featuring striped foam sticks. Fantastic for costumes, theatre productions or just for wearing on nights out. This wig will get you noticed.

Our price: £99.99

KandiKane Cyberlox

A savvy mix of pinks, turquoise and purples, these eye catching crin only cyberlox are a real treat! Bursting with sweet candy colours, you won't be able to resist!

Our price: £29.99

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