Steam Punk

Our range of Neo Gothic / Victorian SteamPunk falls and extensions are a real blast from the past, straight in to the future with a big bang! Featuring a subtle yet shocking mix of core Victorian elements fused with cyborg mutant of the future - this section is not for the light hearted. In this section you will find something old, something new, and something outstanding made just for you... These designs will get your cogs turning and your brains ticking.


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Steam Dream Cyberlox Wig

This superbly detailed couture steampunk wig is absolutely jaw dropping. Filled with our special steampunk clusters and our unique blend of foam, hand sprayed to perfection, it is a well decorated and constructed head piece. A mix of blacks and browns with 'wear' effect on the foam, you will be hard pressed to find a more unique steampunk head piece.

Our price: £129.99

Captain Mysterious Cyberlox

This epic steampunk set of cyberlox is absolutely out of this world.  Emblazoned with our unique steampunk clusters mixed in with our usual foam accents. Hand sprayed foam with rivet detail in black, brown, grey and beige and featuring brass rivets. This is a weighty set of cyberlox, fit for any respectable steampunk lover. Rich antique gold, coppers, browns and black tubular crin, mixed with colour co ordinated rexlace accents. Mysterious by name, mysterious by nature. Due to the beautifully hand sprayed accents in this fantastically regal set of cyberlox, no two pairs will be *exactly* the same.

Our price: £59.99

Steam Punk Foam Falls

Our Steampunk foam falls are really striking and are definitely only for the most discerning steampunk and industrial post apocalyptica loving individual.  A hybrid wasteland warrior inspired set of hand sprayed foam pieces, each with unique marks, individually painted and mixed in with special ribbed tubing and rexlace accents to give you a superb unique underground look for your hair which is easy to wear.

Worn in a similar way to normal cyberlox - standard falls have 6 clusters per fall mounted on elastic. Each cluster is made up of multi layered foam strips - spray paint accented in standard stripe or scattered patterns along with mini punched rivet holes. Our foam falls have ribbed tubing added as standard. The top of each piece is a foam wrap with a brass rivet hole accent. Some clusters will have 2 brass rivet hole accents.

These falls are truly a unique creation and cannot be found anywhere else. Great for both guys and girls!

Our price: £49.99

Corporal Cyberlox

A Victorian inspired set of falls. Blues, browns and blacks with clock face prints over the foam. A truly neo-gothic hair piece accented with all the usual CyberloxShop embellishments.

Our price: £32.99

Major Cyberlox

A hair piece crossed with a time piece. Steampunk Major is riddled with clock face prints, omitting the true style of steampunk. If you are a Victorian at heart, then these are the falls for you!

Our price: £32.99
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Copper Steam Cyberlox

These superb steampunk copper themed cyberlox are just wicked.Featuring a special blend of coppers and browns, these will top off your steampunk outfit perfectly.

Our price: £29.99

Private Cyberlox

Almost a SteamPunkWeb! Filled with brass and golden tones, tubular crin and foam accent mix makes for a truly steampunk set of falls.

Our price: £29.99

Sergeant Cyberlox

The golden tones of the Sergeant will really take you up the ranks. Brassy oranges and yellows mixed with holographic ribbon for a shimmery steampunk look.

Our price: £29.99

Cyber Goggles - Steampunk Aluminium with Cyber Spikes / Perforated Discs & Cogs

• Colour: Aluminium & Copper
• Special Features: Steam Punk Cyber Spikes / Rubber lined for extra comfort
• Lenses: Perforated Discs with Cogs
• Strap colour: Black
• Size: All Sizes
• Can lenses be changed?: No

Our price: £21.99
Cyber Goggles - Steampunk Antique Copper Watch Movement

• Colour: Black & Copper
• Lenses: Antique Copper Watch Movement
• Strap colour: Black
• Size: All Sizes
• Can lenses be changed?: Yes

Our price: £19.99
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