Steam Punk

Our range of Neo Gothic / Victorian SteamPunk falls and extensions are a real blast from the past, straight in to the future with a big bang! Featuring a subtle yet shocking mix of core Victorian elements fused with cyborg mutant of the future - this section is not for the light hearted. In this section you will find something old, something new, and something outstanding made just for you... These designs will get your cogs turning and your brains ticking.


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Steam Dream Cyberlox Wig

This superbly detailed couture steampunk wig is absolutely jaw dropping. Filled with our special steampunk clusters and our unique blend of foam, hand sprayed to perfection, it is a well decorated and constructed head piece. A mix of blacks and browns with 'wear' effect on the foam, you will be hard pressed to find a more unique steampunk head piece.

Our price: £139.99

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