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Welcome to our tubular crin sale section! Grab a real bargain from our special offer stash! Check each item inventory for details of how much you can save today!

Tubular crin (aka tubular crinoline) can be used in a variety of craft projects including Cyberlox, hair bows, gift decoration, milinery (hat making) and was traditionally used in dress making.

Now because this stretchy ribbon is available in so many different colours and styles, you're really spoiled for choice thanks to Cyberloxshop!

If you don't see a colour you like in our sale section, try our main categories for large, mini and skinny sized tubular crinoline which are available in hundreds of metallic, non metallic colours and yarn varieties.

Looking to try tubular crin? Order a tubular crin mystery offcut bag and experience this magical material for yourself! Each bag contains a mystery mix of colours! No bag is the same!

Go on, spoil yourself!


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Tubular Crin - Mystery Offcuts Bag (5 yards)

A mystery bag containing 5 yards of tubular crin offcuts. What will yours contain??! 

A chance to grab yourself a random selection of our tubular crin! Each bag contains approximately 5 yards of large tubular crin (some also contain some mini crin too!). Each bag is made up of various different lengths in a range of random colours! The minimum length each piece can be is around 6 inches, but most will be longer than this.  No two bags are the same!!! If you have ever thought of finding out what this wonderful tubular bouncy and springy ribbon feels like for yourself, then why not spoil yourself with some of these mystery tubular crin bags? The perfect material for making cyberlox, adding accents to hair falls or fascinators!

Our price: £2.99
Usual price: £5.99 save 50%