How can I place an order with Cyberloxshop?

You can place an order by clicking the 'Buy Now' button under the product you would like to buy. You can select numerous products to add to your order, before you decide to go to checkout. To pay for your order, you then need to click the 'Shopping cart' button to check your order and access the checkout. Once at Checkout, please follow all the instructions shown to you on screen whilst you go through checkout.

Do you take orders over the phone?

We are not currently accepting telephone orders. Apologies for any inconvenience.

How long does order processing time take?

Order processing times will vary depending on the items that you are ordering.  For more information on delivery times, please see our "Delivery & Order Processing Information" page.

How long does delivery usually take?

Order delivery times vary depending on what you order and where you live and the delivery method which is used.  For more information on delivery times, please see our "Delivery & Order Processing Information" page.

I want to cancel my order. How can I do this please?

If you would like to cancel your order, and your order has not yet been shipped, please do so as soon as possible by emailing us with your order number at info@cyberloxshop.co.uk.  If your order has already been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it, therefore when the order arrives with you and you would still like to cancel the order, you would need to return it to us. Returns details can be found in later on in the FAQ. If you have ordered a custom made item, and your order is still being processed and has not been shipped and you need to cancel it, you must email us at the earliest point possible. In some cases we may have already started making your order so may not be able to cancel it.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We welcome wholesale enquiries. Please contact us with details of which products you would like to order and how much you need.  Wholesale orders will be accepted at our discretion. It may be possible that if you want to order a large amount of one product or similar products, we can offer you a discount.

I need to return my order, how can I do this?

If you feel you need to return your order, please email our friendly team at info@cyberloxshop.co.uk and tell us why you would like to return it and they will give you the relevant returns information.  Please do not just return an item without notifying us previously as we will not be aware of your return.

Returns on faulty goods:

In the unlikely event that your order has arrived damaged or faulty, please contact us with details of what is damaged or faulty and provide a clear photograph of the item you believe may be faulty. If we deem the item to be faulty, we will give you the relevant returns shipping information.

Returns of custom orders:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on custom orders.

Returns of other items:

We can only accept returns on items which have not been used within 30 days of purchase date. If you return an item and it is obvious the item has been used, we will return the item to you at your own expense. Please do not try to return items which have been used as faulty as they will not be accepted.

I placed my order, but I want to add something more to it. Is this possible?

In some cases you may be able to do this but you must email us as soon as you can. If you want to add extra items this may incur a higher shipping fee depending on the weight. In this case you will be asked to pay the difference in the item and the shipping fee.

Where is your company based?

We are based in Cheshire, England, UK.

I need my order urgently. Can you process it quicker than usual for me?

In some cases this will be possible with non custom orders. This may or may not be possible for custom orders and will depend on our current workload. You will need to email us direct at info@cyberloxshop.co.uk if you need your order to be processed faster than usual.

Which countries can you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Yes, we can ship to your country.

What are your shipping rates?

For details information about our shipping rates, please see our "Delivery & Order Processing Information" page.

Can I come and collect my order myself instead of it being sent via post?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service.  We can only ship our items via post or courier.

What are Cyberlox?

Cyberlox are wearable hair art designed and created in house by our savvy in house designers. Cyberlox are made from tubular crin and are made in various colours and styles along with a variety of plastics and lacing.

What does "Pair of Falls" mean?
A 'fall' is the term used to describe each hair piece. With our cyberlox, you can order them in one 'fall' or as standard, a pair of 'falls'. This means you have two hair pieces which are both mounted on to elastic which you tie in to your hair.  Usually, one fall is worn on each side of your head.

How can I care for my Cyberlox?

You should hang them up in your wardrobe and secure them with washing pegs or tie them to a coat hanger so they hang well and maintain their very normal shape.  If you simply leave your cyberlox in a box under the bed, they will be more inclined to lose their shape and the foam may bend. NEVER wash your cyberlox. If your cyberlox start to smell after many nights clubbing, we recommend you use 'Febreeze' or a decent odour remover spray mist on them. Lightly spray your cyberlox (don't get them 'wet') and then hang them up in an airing cupboard, or outside on the washing line (in good weather!) Let them air out and the smells should disappear.

The foam has bent on my Cyberlox, what can I do?

All you need to do is hold the foam piece between your thumb and fore finger, and then lightly squeeze and slide your hand along the foam to mould it back to its original shape.

I want to add some more tubular crin or dreads to my Cyberlox to make them even fuller or change the colour a bit. How can I do this?

Simply cut the tubular crin to size, and tie on to the elastic or attach using a cable tie if you prefer. To add dreads, you can either slide on a single ended dread, or for double ended, just double over the dread on the elastic and secure with a mini elastic band.

I damaged my Cyberlox, but I still love them and want to wear them.  Can you fix them for me?

It may be possible we can mend your cyberlox for a small fee. Please email us direct at info@cyberloxshop.co.uk and tell us the issue and send a photo of the damage. We will do our best to get your lox back to their original high quality! You will be responsible for shipping your item to us, and the shipping costs for us to return them back to you.

How can I wear my Cyberlox?

Put your hair in to two buns, at the top back of your head. Grab one cyberlox fall and place it over one bun. Secure the fall underneath around the back of the bun and tie the elastic. Repeat with the second hair fall.

How can I wear my Wool dread falls?

Similar to wearing Cyberlox, you need to have hair which can be tied in to buns. Tie your hair in to buns and then attach the wool falls to each bun and secure with the elastic by tying each fall around each bun. You can then arrange the wool falls according to how you want them to look.

How can I wear my clip in fringe / bangs?

Simply pull your normal fringe back, or scrape your hair back and secure with sleepies / clips. Holding your clip in fringe, simply clip the fringe in to your hair and secure the weft clips until it feels comfortable. Then, pull over a headband to cover the joins. Fringes are an excellent addition to Cyberlox.

How can I wear my clip in streaks / extensions?

You just need to lift up a section of your hair, then clip the extension in place. Next, cover the clip by loosening your hair over the extension and you're done!

I have black hair, and I want to go blonde/white. Do you carry any products which will help me do this?

We carry a range of bleach kits which will help you lighten your hair.  If you have very dark hair it will be a long and difficult process to go completely blonde and will require care and attention. You can use either a 30vol or 40vol bleach kit, once a month to lighten your hair several levels. Always deep condition in between bleaching. We do not recommend bleaching any more than once a month as this will cause damage to the hair. Once you have reached your desired blonde level, you can use a white toner such as Stargazer White or La Riche Directions White Toner to help your hair go white. Leave the toner on for about 20-30 minutes and let its purple tones banish brassy orange tones.

I want to add dreads to my hair. How can I do this?

You can use our hand made merino wool dreads, or the Elysee Star dreads we stock and braid them in to your hair. You will need to section your hair accordingly to allow enough hair for each dread to be attached. After braiding, secure with mini elastic bands we carry in our Hair Accessories section.

I have seen a set of Cyberlox made by another designer. Can you recreate them?

Yes, we should be able to recreate a similar set of cyberlox without any issue. Simply email us with the photo and we will give you a quote.

I want to make my own dreads. What kind of hair will I need?

For synthetic dreadmaking, you can use a variety of types of hair. Generally the most popular fibre used is Kanekalon but it is still possible to make dreads with other hair fibres, but you may need to use a different technique to seal the hair. Any of the hair we stock here at CyberloxShop can be used for making dreads.

We recommend reading this link (Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Information) to learn more about how to work with and seal each of the brands of hair we stock at CyberloxShop. If you are new to making synthetic dreads, we recommend buying a few packs across several ranges and testing each of them to see which brand you prefer working with as different dreadmakers prefer different brands of hair for individual reasons.

How many dreads will I need to make for a full head install?

Approximately 40-60 double ended dreads or 60 single ended dreads.

I want to make my own colour of tubular crin. Can you help me?

Yes, we can manufacturer new colours of large, mini and small sized tubular crin. However, you may need to order a significant quantity of the new colour.  Please email us with your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.